Monday, July 02, 2007

My Amazon recommendations

Tim and I trade computers, and this is the email I get...

Your recommendations are crazy now


If you sign into Amazon you will notice the recommendations have gone crazy—90% crotch-less panties and othersuch. This happened as follows:

I showed Altay the bananas in Amazon
The bananas link to other food, including the skinned whole rabbit (yes, really)
The rabbit links to a large number of erotic panties (the rabbit was Dugg and people went crazy)
I clicked a few.
They link to tanks, among other things and light sabers.

Anyway, I signed into Amazon and discovered that Amazon thinks I'm—correction: you, since this is your computer and you are auto-signed in—are all about Hen-party-style clothing.

So, browse German philosophy for a day or two before showing Amazon off at an academic conference.


Because a picture is worth a thousand tanks and skinned rabbits (so they say):

Now, in addition to the panties, my Amazon recommendations logically include a book called Knitting with Dog Hair*, and an Inflatable Party Sheep. I blame the rabbit, Tim, not you.

*Knitting with Dog Hair on LibraryThing suggests Knits for Barbie doll, but nothing inflatable...


Blogger Kath said...

This sounds like something that could come only from the Green Dragon group. Hysterical! I'll have to watch my amazon recommendations much more closely.

7/02/2007 5:02 PM  
Blogger Amanda Ellis said...

At least it still thinks you're cool enough to own a Badonkadonk Tank :)

7/02/2007 9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I were the person who got to come up with the product features for bananas. Amazon says, "Great in cereal," but I'm thinking more along the lines of Rafi...

It grows in bunches
I've got my hunches
It's the best, beats the rest
Cellular, Modular, Interactive odular


(It's a phone with a peel. Now you can have your phone and eat it too! )


7/02/2007 10:24 PM  
Anonymous CW Library said...

Hey! Let's not knock knitting with dog hair! I have both spun dog hair (some breeds are as soft as angora rabbit hair, just to tie this back in with the rabbits) and knitted with dog hair. Dog hair sweaters are too warm to wear in most of the lower 48. That's probably why your dog loves to make snow angels when he/she has a chance (rare around the DC area, but fun to watch my dtr's dogs in Colorado).

7/03/2007 1:34 PM  
Anonymous staffordcastle said...

Darn, now I'm going to have to avoid LT at work for a while, until this post falls off the blog page - our nanny program will object to the underwear, and I'll never get to look at LT again :-(

7/03/2007 7:51 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

tanks+crotchless panties=love. duh, silly. :P

7/05/2007 3:41 PM  

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