Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More on covers

Three quick updates to our announcement that we were releasing one million covers.
  • We've raised the daily covers maximum to 5,000. In fact, you get much more than this as we only count when the cover has to be made. That is, if you or anyone else hits the same cover more than one within a few days, it counts as one hit. If that's not enough, let me know and I'll raise your number.
  • Art Zemon has released a simple LibraryThing covers caching script in PHP. We welcome local caching.
  • Library Journal did a nice piece on the effort.
  • UPDATE: Blogger Alejandro Garza has instructions for the Millennium Module for Drupal.
  • UPDATE: The LawLibrary Blog has a nice piece on the legalities of the issue.
  • UPDATE: We've started a wiki page for Covers with basic instructions.

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Blogger jrochkind said...

Thanks Tim!

I am still interested in more information on the restriction not to "involve or promote a LibraryThing competitor". Who do you consider your competitors, and is a link to one of them on the same page (or same website?) as includes an LT service cover considered "involving" them?

I realize that once I get going, I can probably ask for case-by-case permission for what I'm doing, but before investing time in it I like to know the general bounds of the terms!

8/12/2008 2:11 PM  

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