Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How books are made

From the Digital Marketing Team at Macmillan, who rock.



Anonymous Richard said...

Exactly! Precisely! Especially important is the 18-copyediting-passes factoid. So little known and yet so important.

WoW avatars are indirectly responsible for 70-80% of sales? So low? I thought it had to be at least 99%. Learn something new every day.

1/14/2009 6:00 PM  
Anonymous gemmation said...

The narrator sounds like the guy from the Engineers Guide to Cats.

I don't know if I'd be more pleased or disturbed if I've got that right.

1/14/2009 6:31 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

I once owned the typewriter shown in the video!

1/15/2009 11:13 AM  
Anonymous hypocrite.lecteur said...

I finally realized why I have an interest in the publishing industry: my Italian ancestors were swarthy paper-felling lumberjacks.

1/15/2009 2:55 PM  
Blogger varske said...

I thought that was the worst video I've seen in a long time. Nothing really about books at all. and who really believes that the editors control books in that way. Why would anyone write one, if that's what editors do.


1/17/2009 7:16 AM  
Blogger A Guy said...

Oh, if only... they need to up the copyediting passes to 20 or so.

Thanks for posting this. I didn't actually laugh until the salary of the editorial assistants was mentioned, though I had started to smile when they said the editor read the work four times.

1/17/2009 4:58 PM  

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