Friday, November 07, 2008


A propos of Jonathan Rochkind's suggestion that MARC records contributed to OCLC include their own viral, but freeing, license...

Source: xkcd. Whether it's it or me, I find xkcd funnier every day.


Blogger bowerbird said...

um... when posting an xkcd,
you must to do the tool-tip.


11/07/2008 11:43 PM  
Anonymous Gwendydd said...

Yes, the "Alt" tag is usually the funniest part of xkcd. And you're right, it gets funnier every day.

11/08/2008 1:06 AM  
Blogger "As You Know" Bob said...

And yes, xkcd DOES get funnier all the time, as each passing day finds us more deeply involved in the tech world.

11/09/2008 2:30 AM  
Blogger Lilithcat said...


11/10/2008 4:36 PM  

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