Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keen vs. Weinberger

For those who haven't seen it yet—The Wall Street Journal published the full text of a debate between Andrew Keen ("Cult of the Amateur") and David Weinberger ("Everything is Miscellaneous") on Web 2.0. Available here.

And why I love Weinberger:
"When I say the Web is us, I don't mean that it's an aggregation of individuals -- a herd of screeching monkeys or a scurry of voiceless cockroaches running from the light. We're connected, primarily through talk in which we show one another what we find interesting in the world. That's essential to the Web. The Web is only a web because we're building links that say "Here's something worth your time, and here's why." It's a little act of selflessness in which a person who has our attention directs it elsewhere."


Anonymous Sarah Elkins said...

I think I love Weinberger's benefits-of-amateurs list at the end and his closing paragraph even more: We're building something new. We're doing it together. Its fundamental elements are not bricks of content but the mortar of links, and links are connections of meaning and involvement. We're creating an infrastructure of meaning, miscellaneous but dripping with potential for finding and understanding what matters to us. We're building this for one another. We're doing it by and large for free, for the love of it, and for the joy of creating with others. That makes us amateurs. And that's also what makes the Web our culture's hope.

7/19/2007 6:05 PM  

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